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iew▓. "The toy company is educating children in a creative way and inspiring the Chinese o▓n design."He added, "The Dutch focus on▓ craftsmanship and aesthetics. For example, a chair is not just a chair, it needs to be beautiful and fu▓nctional

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at the same time."Danish companies have enjoyed b▓etter-than-expected business results in China. Denmark is one of the few coun▓tries that can boast of having a trade surplus, not deficit, with China.Denmark's sectors that ▓have witnessed rem


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arkable growth in China are the pharmaceuticals, green energy technologies and consumer brands.Freddie hopes China's young generation will work hard and pursue craftsmanship for the greater good.Buil▓ding bridges and moreThe Danish Embassy h

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ad jumped to a head-start on celebrating Children's Day more than a week ear▓ly. Companies from Denmark have taken the initiative to go global and have embarked on bigger expansion in China.Companies, such▓ as Lego, are playing a pivotal role to help

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  • according to Casper Freddie, Denmark's head of trade in C